Caring, Easy To Talk With, And A Total Perfectionist

Born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with parents who both work as professors at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Michael Henneberry loves giving back to the community he grew up in. From a young age at Stillwater High School, Dr. Henneberry wanted to be a doctor. His passions of music and science led him to dentistry, a field combining hand skills with helping others.

Dr. Henneberry spent 4 years studying Chemistry at Carleton College, a private liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. While it was tempting to stay at OSU, Dr. Henneberry knew he would one day return to Oklahoma and opted to experience life outside the state during college. Always up for an adventure, he joined the lacrosse team there, learning a sport he had never played before. His love for music also grew, as he played guitar and sang in both bluegrass and rock bands. At Carleton, Dr. Henneberry graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. He also received honors in Latin American Studies.

It was during his 4 years of dental school at the University of Oklahoma that Dr. Henneberry developed his passion for orthodontics. He graduated #1 in a class of receiving the Alpha Omega Award for that honor. Dr. Henneberry was also the recipient of the Orthodontic Achievement Award from the American Association of Orthodontics.

After taking an orthodontics course during his first year, he soon realized it was a perfect fit. Orthodontics would allow him to work with all age groups, develop meaningful relationships with patients, and truly impact the lives of others. The decision to pursue specialty training and apply for residency in a field he loved was a no-brainer.

Dr. Henneberry was accepted in 2014, out of over 200 applicants, as one of four residents into the University of Oklahoma Department of Orthodontics, a renowned full-time, 2.5 year program. OU’s program is known for providing a diverse education, with over 15 part time instructors travelling from all over the state to teach its residents.

Dr. Henneberry became well-versed in multiple treatment modalities, and graduated in December of 2016 with a certificate in orthodontics. He also earned master’s degree in Dental Science for his thesis on the development of occlusal standards utilizing longitudinal growth studies.

Dr. Henneberry is always learning and makes sure he is up to date on all technological advances in his field. Recently, he completed the Aligner Intensive Fellowship, a four month program specializing in the use of clear aligner orthodontic treatment. Additional, Dr. Henneberry obtained a 3D scanner for his office. You can bet that if there is a more modern, efficient method of orthodontic treatment, Dr. Henneberry will be up to date on it. Technology aside, Dr. Henneberry is aware that the most important aspect of treatment will always be the relationship he has with his patients.

Believe it or not, Dr. Henneberry has a life outside of orthodontics. He plays guitar and is the lead singer for the bluegrass band Steelwind. They play festivals on the weekends across Oklahoma and have opened for Grammy Award winning groups like Asleep at the Wheel. They have released two full length albums and are currently working on a third. You might even see a Steelwind poster at the office if you look for it! Besides music, Dr. Henneberry is an avid basketball player who plans to play as long as he is able to.