Have you been considering straightening your teeth, but do not want braces?

Have you been considering straightening your teeth, but do not want braces?

There is good news! We now have the option of straightening and closing spaces with clear aligner therapy.

Clear aligner therapy is a series of clear retainer like aligners that move your teeth little by little with each aligner. Treatment is planned by Dr. Henneberry. Once the aligners are given to you, you will do weekly or biweekly switches on your own. Since the treatment has been planned at the beginning by Dr. Henneberry you won’t have frequent visits, like you may have with braces. If your treatment requires more aligners that’s no problem. We can do a refinement and get another set of aligners. At the end of treatment you will receive retainers to keep your teeth from moving back to where they started.

How to get started.

We start by having a courtesy new patient exam. At this appointment we will take diagnostic records and a 3D scan. NO MORE GOOPY IMPRESSIONS! Dr. Henneberry will go over in detail what to expect with your treatment.  Finally, we will discuss finances. Worried it will be out of reach? We work really hard to make it financially affordable to you. We offer in house financing that is interest free.

It is never too late to fix that SPOOKY smile and get a beautiful smile that you’ll love for the rest of your life.

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